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It’s time for income tax cuts in Oklahoma.

State government has hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus. Meanwhile, inflation and Bidenomics have hit families and small businesses hard.

Oklahoma’s income tax is a penalty for working hard in our state. Next door, Arkansas is reducing its income tax burden below Oklahoma’s.

It’s time for a reduction of the personal income tax rate for every Oklahoman, and we must get this done before the legislative session comes to an end on May 31st.

We need you to emphasize to your state legislator that income tax cuts in 2024 are a top priority for YOU.

Please use the form below to ask your state legislator to sign the Tax Cut Champion Pledge.

The pledge is simple. It reads: “I pledge to my constituents that, throughout 2024, I will support and work for passage of any legislation that makes a permanent reduction in Oklahoma’s individual income tax rate—so long as the reduction would not occur during a state revenue failure, and so long as the legislation does not also include any offsetting tax or fee increases that would result in a net tax increase on my constituents.”

Use the form below to urge your legislator to sign the pledge to commit to cutting income taxes now. We will alert you as soon as your legislator has signed the pledge and give you the opportunity to thank them for doing so.