Budget & Tax

| February 2, 2009

Agencies trim budgets, earth continues to rotate around axis

In his State of the State address today, Gov. Brad Henry called for budget cuts to some state agencies. In anticipation of the inevitable protests from various tax consumers in Oklahoma, I post a delightful little piece from two of my compadres in Arizona: "99.999999999999 percent of Arizonans choose not to protest spending cuts." Here's a snippet:
"In what appears to be an example of mass irresponsibility on the part of Arizona's citizenry, the vast majority of Arizonans chose not to join in protesting state budget cuts. Arizona legislators have reported many hundreds of emails protesting the cuts. College students numbering perhaps 1,000 from the state's three public universities protested cuts as well. That means, however, more than 6 million Arizonans chose not to call, email, or show up in person to complain about cuts."

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