Vicki Alger | January 10, 2017

Oklahoma’s per-pupil spending is up

Vicki Alger

According to the latest available data from the National Center for Education Statistics, since 1999 the number of students per teacher in Oklahoma’s public school system has risen from 15.1 to 16.2. Per-pupil spending has risen from $8,624 to $9,728.

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Source: National Center for Education Statistics. Real per-pupil expenditures shown include capital outlay and debt service expenditures and are calculated based on average daily attendance.

[This post has been corrected. An earlier version charted the 1999 pupil-teacher ratio at 15.7 rather than 15.1.]

Vicki Alger


Vicki Alger (Ph.D., University of Dallas) is a research fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, California, with a forthcoming book on the history of the U.S. Department of Education. Alger holds senior fellowships at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Independent Women’s Forum in Washington, D.C.

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