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Staff | February 15, 2023

OCPA praises Senate passage of child protections


OKLAHOMA CITY (February 15, 2023)— Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs President Jonathan Small today praised members of the Oklahoma Senate for passing legislation that would prevent children from undergoing sex-reassignment surgeries, cross-sex hormones, or puberty blockers, before age 18.

“The idea that we would ban a child from smoking cigarettes but allow them to receive life-altering surgeries or cross-sex hormones has never made sense, and members of the Senate deserve credit for advancing this common-sense protection for minors,” Small said. “The reality, as an increasing number of people now realize, is that so-called transgender procedures produce long-term physical and emotional harm to many young people, and that lifelong regret and an increase in suicidal thoughts are often the consequence. As a state, we cannot turn a blind eye to reality.

“Governor Kevin Stitt and several lawmakers who have worked diligently to put these meaningful protections in place are worthy of appreciation, including Sen. Warren Hamilton, Sen. David Bullard, Sen. Nathan Dahm, Sen. Shane Jett, Sen. Rob Standridge, Sen. Julie Daniels, Rep. Jim Olsen, and Rep. Kevin West.”

Members of the Oklahoma Senate voted overwhelmingly, 40-8, to approve Senate Bill 613 today.

Senate Bill 613 states, “A health care provider shall not provide gender transition procedures to any child.”


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