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Budget & Tax

Prosperity comes from the private sector, but government can do some things to make wealth creation easier. Building and maintaining roads, punishing criminals, providing a civil justice system—such things make it easier for people to use their freedom in order to flourish. But the fact that some taxation is necessary, and some tax dollars well spent, should not blind policymakers to these basic facts: taxes are taken by force and always impose a cost on someone. OCPA believes taxes should be low, uniform, simple, and predictable.

The state budget reflects the true priorities of state government. Every tax dollar should be spent with taxpayers in mind. Handouts to special interests should be eliminated. Every government program should be regularly assessed based on these questions:

  1. Is this something government should do?
  2. Is the program accomplishing its mission?
  3. Is there a less expensive way to do it?

OCPA believes that government should do a few things and do those things well. The legislature’s budget process should require agencies to be transparent and accountable, and the process should in turn be transparent to voters and taxpayers.

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